AdultWork releases new version of their mobile App

AdultWork's updated version of its mobile app for finding escorts

AdultWork’s updated version of its mobile app for finding escorts

AdultWork have released an updated version of their hugely popular mobile app.

The previous version was great for picking up escorts while outside on the move – or even browsing through their listings while relaxing at home.

The updated version of the app is just as good. It has exactly the same features as the website, but the app logos have been improved and the design changed very slightly.

The new app also runs smoother than the previous version.However, two small issues they might like to look at. The app doesn’t resize for bigger smartphones like the iPhone 6, 6 Plus and Galaxy S3, S4, S5 and S6 handsets. This leaves two large black bars above and below it.

The app also requires the user to log in again each time it is closed and returned to the homepage. There doesn’t appear to be any options in the settings to stay logged in. This is frustrating if the app is accidentally closed while mid-way through a search.

Overall though, the AdultWork app is a useful tool for finding escorts in any city in the UK.

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