Arrest men who use prostitutes while on holiday, suggest MPs

A proposed new law in the UK could man that men who pay for sex while abroad could be arrested – when they return to the UK.   The rules – called the Sex Buyer Law – have been put forward by group of MPs.

The idea of this law that prostitution would be legalised, but men who pay for it would be criminalised and potentially prosecuted, according to this article. Confused? Me, too.  Quite how they’d check who’d had a quick gobble on their stag doo is bizarre. Would there be a test back at Heathrow.

‘Sir, can we ask, did you visit a lady of the night during your trip in Amsterdam?’

Some crazy new law proposed in the UK wants to arrest men who use escorts while they're on holiday

Some crazy new law proposed in the UK wants to arrest men who use escorts while they’re on holiday in places like Amsterdam, pictured above

Frankly, it just looks like another pointless fact-finding report-making exercise to give MPs something to do with their time and stroke the egos of all the groups of do-gooders who believe all escorts are poor, down trodden victims, being pimped out by a nasty drug dealer. Well, that’s absolutely not true.

As anybody who has delved into our escort directory will know, they’re all making good money, there of their own choice and usually doing it because it pays better than any minimum wage jobs could.

The good news is that the chances of this law coming into force are about the same likelihood of getting a freebie from an escort. That is absolutely zero.

As for what we think of it… absolutely nothing. It’ll pass quietly, nothing will change, and everyone – including half the MPs in Westminster – can go back to banging escorts in London.


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