Children’s entertainer is £220 / hour blonde escort Holly Lush

Holly Lush blonde escortA children’s entertainer who looks like Elsa from Frozen has been unmasked as escort.

Jemma Clark, 24, works under the name of Holly Lush and advertises on various adult sites online.

She describes herself as a ‘fully bisexual nymphomaniac’ who had her first lesbian experience when she was 14 ‘with her best friend.’

Jemma – or Holly – was revealed to be a call girl charging £220 a hour after somebody tipped off The Sun.

It looks like her sideline as a kiddies party entertainer will dry up – who would want their children being in the company of somebody that’ll be getting paid to take a sack full on her face later that night? And what kind of influence would she have on children if they asked her about sex, or careers?

But judging by the reviews on AdultWork she makes enough cash working as a prostitute in her home town of Hurst Green in East Sussex, for her not to worry too much about the income from working as an Elsa lookalike.

”Wow! 20/10. Holly is a superb hostess, puts you at ease, very friendly, highly skilled and a real natural beauty. What a wonderful girl,” wrote one very happy punter.

It seems that squirting and lesbian duos with a friend are two of her specialties.

The publicity from being in a national newspaper won’t do her career as an escort any harm. In fact, she’s probably fully booked up for the next month.

If you want to contact her, her number is 07762627741 and you can see our profile and review of Holly Lush.

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