Curious? How transsexual escorts can help

Many of the first-time customers to transsexual escorts are men who are curious – they want to see what it’s like to feel another cock.

Many have imagined it for a while. They’ve fantasied about it. But they’re not gay, and have no intention of getting with another guy.

It’s not a problem, nothing to worry about. In fact, it’s pretty normal to be curious.

TS escort Lauren Prado says many customers are shy at first

TS escort Lauren Prado says many new customers are shy at first

And thankfully there’s a solution – shemale, ladyboy and TS escorts.

For an hour or two they will help straight men, or bi fulfill their fantasies.

Whether it’s a bit of fondling, oral, or full-on action, they will accommodate the needs of customers.

In fact, most experience TS escorts are pretty understanding of men who are shy and nervous because it’s their first time.

They’ll go slow, take it easy, and won’t pressure new customers.

Often they have regular customers who are straight, married men who simply go along once in a while for some fun.

How much will a TS escort cost?

Unfortunately this kind of fun isn’t cheap. Expect to be paying a minimum of £80 an hour, with an average price of £100 an hour, right up to £120 or more an hour.

What nationalities are there?

Transsexuals from South East Asia, mainly the Thailand and sometimes the Phillipines, are known as Ladyboys. It’s a common cultural term in these countries, not offensive, and generally refers to them. There are plenty of Thai ladyboy escorts in London.

Shemales are pretty much every other kind of transsexual. In London, the most common types of shemale escorts are from Brazil and other Latin American countries.

There are many transsexual escorts from other countries, including European destinations.

What can I do with them?

TS escort Lauren Prado

TS escort Lauren Prado

Anything you want, and anything that the TS escort is also willing to participate in. Check with them first before making the booking.

We spoke to transsexual escort Lauren Prado, who said that many new customers are nervous on  their first visit to a TS escort.

She said: ‘A lot of the people who come to see me it’s their first time. They enjoy it and they come back.

‘Or sometimes they try it, decide it’s not for them, and they’re not interested any more. But I would say most guys who see me do come back… I guess I have something special!

‘I’m really sweet and go so slow with people who are nervous. They relax pretty quickly.

‘Whatever they want to do is fine.

‘My body is smooth and my skin’s soft.

‘I really enjoy seeing guys, it doesn’t matter if they’re paying. For me, it feels special.’

Lauren is Portuguese, young, sweet and super-sexy. She has nice pert tits, a great body and an ass that’s just screaming out to get pounded.

Lauren is just 25, which is a pretty decent age. Young enough to be fresh and clean, but old enough to be experienced.

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