Gay lesbian escorts for women only… are there many?

Thank you to Polish lesbian escort Alex for her ad. She’s a fully fledged lesbian and only available to women – sorry guys! This is great for genuine lesbian women, bisexual girls and also bi-curious birds who want to try going with another girl.

It also got us thinking. There really aren’t any escort agencies in the UK for fully lesbian women. Sure, everywhere has escorts who do lesbian duo services for guys to fulfill their threesome fantasies, or girls who will go with couples and play with the woman. Some say they’re genuinely bisexual. You can see our pages of bisexual and lesbian duo escorts for this.

Genuine female lesbian gay escorts for women only can be hard to find

Genuine female lesbian gay escorts for women only can be hard to find

But for girls who are lesbian gay or bisexual – do they really want to be with another girl who’s probably has a boyfriend and has slept with three other guys already that day? No, we’re guessing they want real lesbian gay female escorts.

The problem is that there are very, very few in the whole UK. Even on AW there are just a handful across the country, and those profiles seem to be old.

Which is why Alex’s service is so great. She’s the first lesbian girl only escort we’ve noticed.

So what to do lesbian women do when they want action – and want to pay for it? The answer is, there’s not much they can do.

Perhaps someone would like to fill a gap in the market here.

If not, most girls will use lesbian dating and hook up sites instead of pay for an escort. Craigslist has plenty of w4w posts in their casual section – if you don’t mind sifting through the spam and fake ads.

For now we can’t see many female gay lesbian escorts coming up. But please let us know if you find any.

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