Happy ending massages in Soho and China Town

There are plenty of opportunities for massages with happy endings in Soho – the red light district of London. They’re quite good value and you can often haggle with the masseuse. Here’s a quick guide to getting a good tug in Soho.

Find a Chinese herbal health shop

There are loads of these shops in Soho and China Town. Most sell Asian herbs and potions but there main trade is in massages. They all have the signs in the window for massage. Sometimes there will be Chinese women standing outside pulling in punters. Often they’ll walk alongside men and ask if they’re looking for massage.

Check they do what you’re looking for

Most of the massage shops offer happy endings – hand jobs, wanks, hand relief etc etc. But you can never be sure. If you walk in and ask about massage, ask to see the woman who’ll be doing it. If she’s dressed casually, or in a dress and with make-up on you can be pretty sure she’s offering extras. If you really want to be certain, just ask the person behind the counter.

Haggle for the best massage price

The going rate for a basic massage is £35 – £40 for an hour or £25 for half an hour. Always offer a little bit less, as this DOES NOT include the happy ending. Most places will take a fiver, or even ten less – especially if it’s not busy, such as on a weekday. If you’re flush with cash, no need to try and knock them down.

Get the most out of  the massage

Relax and enjoy the massage. It’s not a top-quality massage by any stretch of the imagination – just oil and a soft Chinese kind of massage across the back and legs. But that’s not what you’re there for, remember? There’s no rush, as most women will make a move and offer the ‘special’ or ‘happy ending’. Sometimes they’ll offer it after just 10 or 15 minutes in the hope that they can finish early and move on to the next guy. Make sure you get the full hour or 30 minutes if that’s what you have paid for.

Try it on…

Most of the Chinese massage places will only do happy endings. Though if you charm the girl a bit, usually they’ll let you feel them. Some will let you get their tops off – but could want extra for the pleasure. Never really heard of any offering oral or sex, but everybody has their price.

The price for happy ending

Most of the Chinese massage girls will ask for £20 for a happy ending. Don’t be fooled. Tell them you only have £10. They’ll still do it. This is money they get to keep and it doesn’t go to the shop owner.