How to avoid getting scammed in Soho

Soho was once a hot-bed of crime. Gangsters, muggers, thieves – you name it, they could be found on the streets of Soho.

Thankfully the area has cleaned up its reputation a lot in recent years. But it is still full of scum bags waiting to take your money – especially if you’re a tourist who does not know the area.

Here are the main hazards to look out for in Soho.

  • Touts

These are the dodgy looking guys that stand on corners asking people if they’re looking for girls. They’ll offer to take you to a hooker. In return, they’ll want a tip – maybe £5 or £10. Never, take these guys up on the offer. Who knows what alley they could lead you down and who is waiting there. What’s more, it’s easy enough to find models in the Soho walk ups yourself. Just see my post ‘How to find prostitutes in London’s Soho red light district‘. If you’re really struggling to find a walk up, ask a rickshaw driver to take you for £5.

  • Clippers

Watch out for girls who offer their services from the street. They’ll ask for money up front then disappear down a side-street or alleyway. You’ll never see them again. It’s always tempting to go with them, but best tourist ignore them and walk on!

  • Dodgy strip clubs

Most of these places have been forced to sort themselves out, but there are still a couple. You walk in to see a bit of action, see the crazy price of drinks, and try to leave. Only there is a burly guy standing at the door who says you have to stay. Find a club that lists the drink prices on the door. Expect to pay £2 or £3  more for a beer in return for getting to watch the girls, but it shouldn’t be crazy amounts.

So there we have it – the three things to avoid in Soho.