How to find prostitutes in London’s Soho red light district

Soho is an area of London that is home to the theatres , China town – and the red light district where prostitutes work in flats known as walk ups.

There are many great escorts and prostitutes in Soho. Once you are there you can have a great time. I’ve had many fantastic nights in the area – starting off with a massage in one of the Oriental shops and moving on to three or four of the hookers in their flats.

The tricky part is finding the right girls. And there are still no shortage of hustlers, clippers and thieves looking to trick you out of your hard-earned cash and leave you without a lay.

Never give anybody money or a ‘tip’ for taking to you girls. There are always plenty of these people around, especially near Rupert Street, so just ignore them. It is easy enough finding girls yourself!

Firstly, you’ve got to reach Soho.

1. Get the Picadilly line to Leicester Square

Exit up the stairs and you’re in the heart of Soho. You are now looking for small coridoors in between shops with steps. It will look like this…

There are about 20 of these dotted around Soho. There are usually small signs at the entrance advertising ‘models‘.

Once you find these, simply walk up the steps and knock on the door or ring the bell. The girl will answer, or sometimes it is a ‘maid’ – an old woman who works as a receptionist.

These are currently the addresses of walk ups in Soho (courtesy of SohoWalkUps). They usually close around 2am – 3am depending on how busy it is. If you have trouble finding them, ask one of the rickshaw drivers to take you to the address. To get a map of the area visit this page on Soho Walk Ups which gives details of flats.

    • 70A Berwick Street
    • 8 Greek St
    • 2 Greens Court
    • 2 Lisle St
    • 3 Lisle St
    • 4 Lisle St
    • 18 Newport Court
    • 34 Romilly Street
    • 1 Bateman Street
    • 52 Greek Street
    • 1 Greens Court
    • 10 Little Newport Street
    • 28 Peter Streer
    • 11 Brewer Street
    • 61 Dean Street