How to pay LESS for escorts, prostitutes and call girls in London

Typically anyone using a brothel or escort agency has to pay a premium for that service. Why? Because most girls in brothels or working through an agency only get HALF of what you’re paying. The other half goes to the brothel keeper or the agency. For example, a lot of girls advertised online are not totally independent, so paying £80 for an hour means the girl will only get £40.


Cash conscious: Often it’s worth haggling for a discount

So a quick way to get laid for less is this….

Find a girl you’re comfortable with and get her personal number. Not the number that’s advertised online. Say you will pay her 60 or 70 percent of what the brothel or agency fee is, if you can meet outside of her normal working hours. A lot of girls if they are comfortable with clients will do this. And that’s a pretty big saving, plus they get more cash for themselves.

Alternatively if you are a regular client of the girl, and she is a fully 10o per cent independent escort, just ask for a discount in return for your loyal and repeat custom.