How to recognise fake escort pictures in adverts

There’s nothing more frustrating than booking an out call escort, hearing the doorbell, and then seeing a young wench completely different to the advert picture. Or trudging across the city half-consumed with booze looking forward ready to an hour of filth with a nice girl only for the whore who answers the door looking like she’s had endless rounds of bareback sex that afternoon with half of Soho before you arrived.

So follow this steps if you want to find the best escorts in London and avoid the fake ads.

Picture quality is too good
Photographs obviously taken by a professional photographer are often fakes. Lots of soft lighting, a crystal clear shot, a high class background with luxurious sofas and beds all point to a picture swiped from Google or a modelling or porn site. Would a £100 an hour escort really be living it up in some mansion by the sea? No. Most girls take the pictures themselves, or get a friend to do them. So often they’re very amateurish. Incall escorts often take the picture in the actual room where they’re working in London – so you can tell if it’s a dingy plain room that looks like it’s in a flat, then that’s when you can tell it’s the real girl.

Girl looks to damn hot
If the girl looks like a 10 the chances are she won’t be selling her arse doing anal all night with guys across London. She’ll be a model, porn actress or something else in the adult industry. A beautiful well-dress girl in escort ads could well be a ‘high-class’ prostitute in London, and some of the more expensive agencies will arrange a professional shoot, but chances are she’s not.

A fake escort picture

A fake escort picture

A real escort picture from London

A real escort picture from London

Face blurred out
Often in pictures of super-hot girls the face will be blurred out. This is an easy get-out for the agency – they can just say that it’s the same girl that turns up as there’s no way of telling as in the original picture her face was obscured. This is not always the case… as there are some genuine girls with real pictures who don’t want their face online and have good reasons to obscure it. These pictures will have a genuine feel to them as described above. But if this is the case, the girls will just do a behind shot, or from an angle that hides most of their face. In general, blurred out faces often mean the picture isn’t genuine.

She knows how to act in front of the camera
Pulling off a good porno modelling pose isn’t easy. Adult actresses and pretty good at their job and have a lot of experience working on film and camera. They know how to lay down, how to push out their hips, tilt their head at the right angle, purse lips and give that come-to-bed look with their eyes. So if in the picture the girl looks like she’s confident in front of the camera, then that’s probably her job – not escorting work. Escorts generally don’t know how to do this – they’ll do cliche poses like holding a finger in mouth trying to look kinky. They’re often shy and not comfortable in front of a lense.

Asian girls
There are thousands of ads for Oriental, Japanese, Thai, Chinese and other Asian girls in London. Virtually none of the profile pictures are of real call girls. Why? Asians mainly use a picture to illustrate the ad as an example… eg ‘Hot oriental girls’ or ‘Sexy Japanese’. You get the idea. There are so many sexy modelling shots of Asian girls on line that they can pick pretty much any. Oh, and also they know that it’s quite hard for westerners to distinguish one Asian girl from another… especially when you’re intoxicated with drink and / or lust.

Appears on lots of sites
Browse through the websites of escort agencies in London and you’ll see the same pictures appear over, and over, and over again. We’ve even seen escort agencies in Birmingham ripping off the same pictures. Clearly, they’re all fake profiles of escorts.

Why do they do it?
Well, most of the girls ain’t that pretty. They have an ass, pussy, tits and a pretty face. But chances are they don’t know how to pose, smile or look good on camera… so it’s easier for agencies to use a fake picture. Also, there are plenty of people who run low-class agencies who don’t know how to use cameras properly. They just throw on a few sexy pictures that vaguely resemble the girl and for they think it’s OK. They know that in most situations a guy won’t turn the girl away when she appears at his door… and he’s ready to go.

How to combat the problem
To find girls who have the real pictures on their escort ads, follow the steps above. Also use Adultwork. The strict verification and ID vetting process mans it’s pretty difficult to get fake profiles and pictures on there.

Also try calling first and asking if the picture is real. Explain you will turn away the girl or leave if it’s a fake picture. Explain you are a serious punter and ask for photographic proof before making arrangements.

So there you have it – that’s how to find the genuine girls and recognise and avoid fake escort pictures in London.