Make prostitution legal, say politicians

Prostitutes should not be arrested for selling sex, politicians say.

In yet another head-scratching exercise by elected MPs, they came to the conclusion that criminal convictions stop hookers from getting a regular job.

And the old argument about exploitation, violence and abuse on the streets makes life tough for sex workers, the the Home Affairs Select Committee said.

Perhaps the most interesting point from their discussions was the suggestion that girls should be legally allowed to share premises – potentially making them safer, but also legitimizing the operations of pimps and traffickers.

Now, there are endless arguments for and against the legalization of the sex industry. At the minute in the UK we’re in a sort of grey area – it’s tolerated but the serious criminal aspects are cracked down on.

It’s not the worst place to be, and it’s not the best. But frankly, nobody knows the solution. So the chances are it will stay this way for some time yet.


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