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If you like videos of real prostitutes having sex with clients, there’s only one site to go.

Let’s start by saying this – there is no other site in the world specializing in amateur videos or hookers, call girls, street whores and escorts having sex with customers.

Sure, there are thousands of those cheesy sites where everything is fake, the man is an actor and the girl’s a porn star.

ProstituteMovies is different. The people are NOT actors and actresses. They’re just like you and me – regular horny guys paying prostitutes and then filming it. Sometimes the sluts don’t care that they’re being filmed, in other videos the recording is done secretly.

The guys – who are MEMBERS of ProstituteMovies – just like you and me, then share their videos with other members on the website.

If you’re like me, you just love banging prostitutes. Now, unless you’re super-rich, you can’t do it everyday, with three or four girls.

But you CAN see videos every day of the dirtiest girls in action. Watch them swallow, take it bareback, anally, bang in the car, in the street… everything. 100% real girls.

It’s the next best thing to living the dream and having different whores every night – and it’s a fraction of the price.

Just have a look at some video previews below and tell me you aren’t already getting horny…



Romanian escort in london fuck without a condom. Romanian escorts are the best because they give zero fucks. I met up with this one while I was in London. She sucked and fucked me without even mentioning using a condom. She just didn't seem to care. And I never cared either. The best was being able to shoot my hot load right inside her, leaving her with a messy creampie surprise. I just hope she cleans herself up in between customers.


African Prostitute gives me cheap sex. Some guys don't like the African prostitutes. I'm not sure why. They are my favourite. This one had an amazing afro. She looked like something out of a 1970's blaxploitation movie. These black chicks always have the nicest booties too. Just look at the size of that ass. I felt like I was in heaven. The best part was her prices where so cheap. I got laid for the price of a Happy Meal.


Turkish girl of 20 years in his first day of work as escort vip. This young Turkish hotty was only 20 years old. She had a nice, tight body and still had that innocent look to her. Apparently it was her first day on the job as a VIP escort. I hope she enjoyed herself, because I look forward to spending many more afternoons with her. She was delicious!


Tourist fucks Beautiful Ecuador Prostitute. I spent the week in Ecuador on a business trip, and found the number to this hot prostitute online. I taped our sex together and she was awesome. I fucked this prostitute like crazy and she was the best sex I've had. Enjoy our entire hot sex tape inside.


Indian guy hires two Thai whores for only one handjob. I admit dear sirs that I have a bucket list of sexual acts that I wanted to do before my time is up here on earth. One was to receive a handjob from two women at the same time. I had made big money at my IT job for a few months so I decided to treat myself with a couple of Thai whores. As you can see, I was able to cross another sex act off my bucket list by accomplishing another one of my dreams, the extremely rare, double handjob.


Chinese man has premature ejaculation with beautiful Asian Whore. I filmed myself fucking this cute Asian hooker. I hadn't been with a woman for so long that I was pretty much ready to cum as soon as I stuck my dick in her. Her pussy was so warm and wet. I only lasted a couple minutes before I came. I couldn't help it though. She was so beautiful.


German Escort has its first customer virgin 19 years. Here's a video I made where I ordered in a sweet German escort. It was a special day for both of us, because it was her first day on the job. And it was special for me because I am only 19 years old and I had never been with an escort before. It sure beats dating, I'll tell you that much. I had a great time and I'm pretty sure she did too. I bet she was happy she didn't have to deal with some creepy old man her first day on the job.


Bulgarian Escort has multiple orgasms thanks to my great technique.Prostitutes usually lay there and fake it until you bust a nut, then they collect their money and leave. I'm so good in the sack though, I can make any prostitute cum. Just look how many times I made this Bulgarian escort orgasm while I was fucking her. You don't need a massive cock, you just need to know how to use it. Hell, she should have been paying me to fuck her.


Bareback sex with Kazakhstan Whore. This whore was direct from Kazakhstan. You know, the same country they made fun of on the Borat movie? She certainly looked better than the women they showed in that movie. Hell, I think she was pretty hot and really friendly. She even let me fuck her bareback, which was terrific.


Bareback anal sex with Asian prostitute. I love Asian prostitutes. They let me do just about anything I want, as long as I have the cash. I know I'm not the most attractive man, so this is really the only way I can get laid. But it's worth it. This hot Asian hooker let me fuck her right in the ass bareback. It was the tightest little asshole I have ever fucked.


Pakistani Prostitute has bareback orgy with 4 hooligans. Me and my buddies decided to hire an escort for the afternoon. We were pleasantly surprised to see a Pakistani woman show up. They are extremely rare in our parts. Normally we get the usual black hood rats or 45 year old bleached blondes, so this was a nice departure from the norm. All four of us took turns with her. She took it like a trooper. Those Pakistani broads are tough as nails and know how to suck a cock.


Mexican Hooker sex without condom in Tijuana with American tourist. In this video you can see a dirty Mexican hooker fucking an American gringo tourist bareback in a filthy hotel room. You're playing with fire when you start fucking these working girls from Tijuana without a condom. The gringos always like to fuck bareback though. Hopefully they don't bring any surprises home to their wives!

If you’ve read any of the titles above, you’ll see just how many guys are having bareback sex (unprotected, without a condom) with hookers from around the world.

The videos are 100% genuine, pure filth.

There are hardly any countries that aren’t covered on this site. I didn’t even know that Kazakhstan had prostitutes! It’s an educational site, too!

That’s another great thing about joining – you get to share experiences with other guys. You’ll find a ton of recommendations of where to find the best, and cheapest, whores around the world.  That alone should be worth the tiny cost of signing up for a trial.

There are just so many videos, and so many categories to browse through.

There are videos for every taste.

  • Asian Hookers
  • Black hookers
  • Bareback hookers
  • Group sex
  • Latin Hookers
  • Mature Prostitutes
  • Massage
  • Premature Ejaculation (guys busting after a few pumps)
  • Romanian hookers (recommended!)
  • Streetwalkers
  • Tranny prostitutes
  • UK & USA
  • And much, much more!!!!!

After joining myself, I ploughed through hours of videos. I even found a nice location to visit where I could find a dirt-cheap Romanian gypsy whore. And believe me, you don’t get a lot of those around.

The site is great with customer service. They reply quickly to emails and messages.

If you sign up and don’t like it, you have my personal permission to return here, and take it out on me.

But I know for a fact that everybody who joins this site absolutely loves it.

Why? Because it’s so popular they are having to limit the numbers who join! Plus, if too many people are onboard there’s a chance that guys sharing their clips could be recognized.

You can even join and then download all the videos to keep on your hardrive for watching back later.

At the minute there are only 90 new membership places that have been released.

ProstituteMovies is just $9.99 for 3 days, $19.99 for 30 days, $39.99 for 90 days, $79.99 for one year.

Get access today to the Internet’s biggest collection of real escort sex videos





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