Skinny Escort Felicity Fairchild: Very Slim, Naturally Tanned, Hot Masculine Girl

Hi, I’m Felicity..

From England, quite tall (5’5”), very toned & slim, small busts, naturally tanned skin, browny blonde long hair, brown sparkling eyes with a beautiful personality. When we’re together I’ll always be in high spirits due to the joy of existence so you’ll be surrounded by my pure, life-giving energy. I guarantee to make you feel young & vibrant, once again!

Felicity Fairchild, skinny muscly escort

Felicity Fairchild, skinny muscly escort


Very slim and naturally toned

I always keep my body in tiptop condition with swimming & pilates, along with a healthy, mainly organic diet. My dress sense is stylist & casual, never made up in heels, dresses or makeup – does not suit me, don’t request this look.
I’m far from conventional, I’m glad to be unique, hyperactive, untamed, funny & smart with a Pure Heart. But, do not take the piss, what goes around, comes around, Law of the Universe.. So yea, bear that in mind.

I expect to be treated with respect, kindness & care at all times, it’s also important for you to have a sense of humour like myself.
Please wash before our time together, if you’re rushed, you can clean up at mine, just say before we start.
Please have your donation ready to be handed over at the beginning of our meeting.

Any questions, feel free to ask but absolutely forget about price reductions.

Contact me through email only please –

Nuf Sed

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