Soho Chinese massage prices

stepsChinese massage prices in Soho and China Town are pretty average – about £40 for one hour or £25 for 30 minutes.

Sometimes during busy prices you can also haggle with the shop owner by offering to pay in cash in order to get the price reduced – maybe £30 for one hour  or £20 for 30 minutes. To me that seems like a fair price considering that the actual quality of the massage is average at best – and the girls tend to be old dears who have seen better days.

The price for extras, happy endings, hand reliefs and masturbation now starts to increase.

The Chinese masseuses will at first ask for £20 for a handjob. They will all almost certainly accept £10 though. Some may also take off their tops for extra money. However, it’s unlikely that any of the massage shops in Soho will do blowjobs, sex or bareback. For those kind of things check out Soho Walk Ups or our Escorts page.

So there you have it, the price for a massage in Soho and China Town is around £40 per hour and an extra £10 – £20 for a happy ending.