If this sight gets you going, then you're probably the kind of guy who likes street prostitutes

Finding prostitutes working on the street in London is a pretty risky business – but it does still happen. And there are lots of guys who are still looking for it.

So before we go on let’s just say this – picking up girls on the street is illegal. It’s commonly referred to as ‘kerb crawling’ or if you want to use legal jargon it’s ‘soliciting’. It’s also illegal for the girls to solicit  – eg look for punters on the street. Even if you get out of your car and pick them up on foot it is STILL illegal. Cops are pretty tough on cracking down on it – as street whoring usually involves girls who are junkies, drunk, anti-social etc etc. (While police like to take the credit for cleaning up the streets, the general decrease in street girls on the knob is also down to the rise in Internet ad sites, that allow them to advertise without leaving home).

There are so many cheap incall brothels, massage and escorts in the capital that we think crawling the red light district isn’t worth the risk. However, some people enjoy the buzz of crusing round and pulling up in their car. There’s an added adrenaline factor of street prostitutes. Plus, it can be a little cheaper.

We don’t encourage it… and the information here is about cleaning up the areas as much as anything else.

So where to look for street hookers in London? Well, London’s such a giant city that you’ll find different spots in each borough. And sometimes hookers can be found on the street where there aren’t historical red light areas. Generally there some specific places they go to solicit… here are a few.

Ealing – Southall area very late at night. Around the main Broadway where big crossroads is with Hayes Road. Indian street girls like this one are common here

Kings Cross – the small roads opposite the station near McDonalds and old amusement arcade

Soho – Always some street hooking but be VERY careful – read here first about how to avoid scams in Soho as they’re often looking to rip off naive tourists

Walthamstowe – Lea Bridge Road has had many prostitutes and the area has been targeted by police

Tooting Bec Common, Wandsworth A longstanding problem of prostitutes and kerb cralwers here

Streatham Common, Lambeth – Stories of prostitutes walking the streets around here

Paddington Station, Westminster – This article claims up to 40 street brass can be found around the station… but in reality it’s probably much lower

Croydon – Thornton Heath, Norwood and London Road areas prostitutes have been reported

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