Ten different slang names for prostitutes

It might be the oldest profession – but is it the oldest word? Probably not!

Never the less, we’ve put together this list of TEN fun slang names for prostitutes.

So next time you’re out looking for an escort in London you can mix up your vocabulary a little and have some fun – and why not use cockney slang to make sure nobody knows what you’re getting up to!

Hooker – Originates from the act of fishing, catching a passing guy on the hook and reeling them in.

Escort – A fancy term used to make prostitution appear acceptable, legal and sophisticated, dating back to when men would pay for a girl’s company to escort them to an event.

Call girl – This one’s pretty easy, you’re bored at home or in a hotel so you ‘call a girl’

Ten different names for prostitutes

Ten different names for prostitutes

Street walker – This ones as clear as day… it means a cheap, often drug-addled prostitute that touts for business on the street.

Hoe – Now this is the most modern word for a prostitute with have on the list. It means primarily a prostitute, but also any slutty promiscuous woman. The origins of this word are from the U.S., where it is often used in rap and hip-hop lyrics as an insulting word for women (or bitches as they’re also called).

Whore – Perhaps the most offensive and derogatory of all prostitute words, it has Germanic origins, before it was adapted in old English around the middle ages.

Brass – This is a shortened version of ‘brass door’, which is the cockney rhyming slang for whore. Cockney slang developed in London in the later Victorian ages to police could not understand the coded language that people were talking.

Harlot – This is another old language word which derives from French. It initially meant a young rough man, perhaps a vagabond, but as it developed into English it came to mean a lecherous man or woman and then more commonly a prostitute.

Tart – Tart is generally a slang word for women who are dressed up in too much make up, with their boobs on show, flirting with guys and sleeping around. However, tart is also slang for a prostitute.

Bareback riders – Ok, so this one’s a bit of a curve ball and it isn’t used very often – the first time we saw it was in the Flashman Papers, which tell the story of Harry Flashman in Victorian London. However, we like this phrase.