The top five sex work jobs in London

The sex industry is thriving in London. There’s a whole lot of cash around, and women from other European countries and international places are flocking to the capital to soak up some of the money.

There’s also plenty of British women, housewives, students and young people who are working in the sex trade. But what are the top areas of sex work in London? Here’s a list of the top five industries to do sex work….

There is plenty of sex work jobs available in London, including strippers, brothels escort agencies and web cams

There is plenty of sex work jobs available in London, including strippers, brothels escort agencies and web cams


This is a hugely popular area to work. The attraction is that it’s possible to make a lot money without sleeping with men or any of the other dirty stuff. Wear sexy underwear, dance to music, and super-rich banks stuff wads of 20s in your bra and panties. And while a lot of girls can make good money, it’s not always as easy at it seems.  Take a look at this checklist to see if you have what it takes.

Escort Agencies 

Escort agencies are hugely popular. Sign up to one and the agency will find clients, make books and arrange transport for you to them. Plus, they’ll offer a little more protection and safety as the driver will be waiting.  The down side is they’ll take a cut of the fee — usually around 30%.

Some agencies are pretty high class and have some seriously mega-wealthy clients who trust them a lot. Others are a bit more basic, down to earth, and the clients are of a lower quality. How much money you earn, and which agency you can work for, all depends on your own skills!


These are the much more basic kind of sex work. They’re usually flats or houses with 2 or 3 girls in them. Prices are lower than escort agencies and if there’s a brothel owner they’ll usually take a share of the fee – sometimes up to 50%. Sometimes brothels are controlled by a madam, or sometimes they are a group of girls working together.

Independent escort

Thanks to sites like this, and others such as AdultWork, VivaStreet and HalloLondon, girls can work independently as an escort. Place ads on various sites and deal directly with clients, arranging times and fees. The positive is that all 100% of the money is kept by the girl. However, you may get fewer clients as an experienced madam or escort agency will be able to generate much more customers through their networks and marketing and advertising skills.

Web cams

Web cam models can make great money. Often enough to pay for bills while experiencing life in London. Web Cam models get to work from home and never have to touch any men. You probably have to be a good actor though, comfortable getting naked and masturbating on camera.  There are a lot of websites available, and AdultWork has a web cam section, too, where girls can also offer escort services and check out their clients first over the net.