Top FIVE sites for escorts to advertise with in London

black dressAdvertising is the most important thing for escorts and prostitutes working in London.

You can be the sexiest, most charming and best value girl in the world but unless guys know about you then getting customers and making money will be difficult.

So if you’re already a call girl or just thinking about working as an escort, here’s a list of the top five sites to use for advertising service.


A top ranking site in Google with plenty of visitors, it’s also free for escorts and massage girls to advertise. Just submit your free on here along with your contact number and pictures and it’ll appear online within a few hours.

2. VivaStreet

This site is hugely popular and there are plenty of clients that use it to find their next girl. Prices for ads vary, and there is the option to pay extra in order to have a featured ad.  Choose the adult section and then escorts & massages. There are a lot of other girls that advertise here, which means a lot of competition.

3. Adultwork

Adultwork is a very comprehensive listings and director site dedicated only to sex workers – escorts, massage and web cam girls. There are lots of options to choose different services and also a way to make money – by charging people to view ‘private galleries’. Adultwork is a great site, but the registration procedures are strict – they need identity verification by showing a passport and photograph. It’s also quite expensive to place ads, but a very good way to get customers.

4. HalloLonon

Hallo is a site that is similar to VivaStreet. It has classified ads across loads of areas – as well as adult services like escorts and massages. The site has changed over the last couple of years and has a much better layout now. It’s also free to post ads. Try the sex workers section.

5. Backpage is another old-fashioned looking Craigslist style site. There are pages for all the major cities around the world. What makes this site attractive for escorts to use is that ads are quite cheap (only £1) and the gallery function is pretty good, allowing users to see big escort ad pictures in the search results – even if most of the pictures are fake. The effectiveness of this site is not as good as the others though.


Avoid using Craigslist and Gumtree. Both of these sites do not allow adult services to advertised. Craigslist ‘sort of’ allows massage and body-to-body services, but it’s very vague.