What is tantric massage?

Tantric massage is a service often advertised by escorts, masseuses , call girls and prostitutes in London. But what is it?

Well, first of all lets clear one thing up quicker than sticky tissues – when it it’s offered by hookers it is NOT a tantric massage.

A real tantric massage is actually pretty dull – deep breathing exercises, meditation and spiritual awakening based on ancient Indian philosophy.

Tantric massage is sensual

Tantric massage is sensual

Escorts use tantric massage to describe a regular old oil rub – but with the guy naked with them wearing some sexy underwear or naked also. Tantric is the term used to disguise the raw, sex service that it is.

A tart offering this will use softer, slower more sensual massage strokes, putting their body close to the client. They might also include body-to-body massage or hand relief in the tantric massage, but mostly not sex, though this might cost more.

If your looking for genuine tantric massage and sex techniques that awakens the chakras and heightens the awareness, there’s a directory of them at Tantralink – but a lot of them are wrinkled old things.

But for just the kind of sensual kinky massage with a slap of oil and a tug that this mainly refers to, there are plenty of escorts and prostitutes that do this – just checkout or listings of massage in London.