What is the cheapest price for a call girl in London?

This is a question that comes up a lot – what is the cheapest price for an escort of call girl in London.

Well, before answering this lets just say one thing – you get what you pay for! So if you don’t want to spend a lot be prepared for a unfriendly, ugly girl with poor customer service. And be warned, few escorts, prostitutes, masseuses or brothel receptionists like a punter who haggles.

So if you’re still looking for cheap sex in London, then carry on reading. And after all, they should offer a decent enough service even if they are going cheap. You see, we’re all about value for money and consumer rights here!

Eryka in Straford... not bag for £80 for an hour

Eryka in Straford… not bad for £80 for an hour

Let’s forget about agencies – they’re the most expensive – and start with the average price for an hour at an incall flat or brothel. That will be around £80 for one hour or £50 for 30 minutes.

For this price you can get some pretty decent girls. However, forget central London – they’ll have to be outside on the expensive and wealthy central areas for this price.  There’s a god mix of nationalities at this price, too.

A quick look on VivaStreet and I found Eryka and Melany in Straford, east London, offering an hour for £80. There’s also Katy and Rachel in Stratford for the same price. Caroline, a chubby Brazilian, is in north London, and does £80 for one hour and £50 for for minutes.

These are just examples – you can find plenty more around London, like Sandra in Ealing – a young Cypriot escort.

Now, if you still want to pay less, there are girls available for that cheap. Try searching in the search bar of VivaStreet for £70… it shows a few girls, such as Betty from Russia who does tantric massage, though this usually doesn’t include sex – just a massage and a hand job, which is actually quite expensive. There are more though who do everything for this price.

If you still want cheaper, look for escorts on Adultwork. You will find independent girls there who do in call for £60 a hour, and very occasionally £50 an hour. For example, Melissa in east London does £60 an hour, or Marocca, a busty Hungarian girl in north west London close to Wembley performs for £60 an hour.

Again though, remember the warnings about these girls – higher chance of poor, risky service in rough surroundings.

If you  still want to get the price down, go for 30 minutes – or even a quicky for £20. There are some of these £20 jobs in Soho, the historic red light district in London, where the escorts call themselves models and work from walk up flats, or walk ins. The girls here are a mixed bunch and some will be pretty good, while others will be damn unfriendly. But they’ll all be ushering you out after 10 minutes is up, and you won’t be a allowed to kiss, touch, or change position – that costs extra. Some are also now putting up their price to £25 or £30 for a quick one.

So there you have it – £20 is absolute lowest you will find. But for the extra struggle it is to find a cheap escort or call girl in London, it’s better to plump for a good solid one that costs the average of £80 an hour or £50 for 30 minutes.